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Re: SEUL: New Image

At 07:02 PM 10/22/98 EDT, EAMorical@aol.com wrote:
>I think the direction you're headed is great. I know we talked about this
>before, and I now understand why you can't make the text on the left larger.
>However I feel its too small. I have to move my head to be able to focus on
>it. I'm sure there are people with worse eyesight than mine. I can live with
>it but would certainly prefer it larger.

No problem, I can make it larger. What size is the screen you're viewing it
on? The text is a size '2' and the main body text is a size '3'. I can make
them the same. By the time you read this... they will be the same.

>Before I forget I would really like
>to see something at the bottom letting people know that they are
encouraged to
>contact the webmaster about problems or suggestions for improvements to the

I also agree. The mock is incomplete and needs those kind of finishing

>My personal preference is still to put the main body of text on
>another page labeled 'About SEUL' and put the links to the other pages in big
>type where the main body of text is now.

You read my mind. I was think the same thing before I emailed everyone
yesterday. The start page should be less core data at first and have more
links to the site.

I also think that we need counters on all of the pages. I use them on my
personal site. It's a good way to see how many people are going to what
parts of the site.

>Anyway thanks Chuck for the good work.

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