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Re: SEUL: New Image

In message <>, cbhiii-linux@ic.net 
>I also think that we need counters on all of the pages. I use them on my
>personal site. It's a good way to see how many people are going to what
>parts of the site.

All of the hits are recorded in /home/seul/logs/ on belegost, and I can
go through and run whatever statistics programs we want to on them.

So adding counters to each page is not the only way to get that benefit.
(And indeed, it's probably not the simplest way.)

The only real advantage I can see to adding counters to each page is to
give visitors an impression for what other visitors are interested in. And
they can't use the knowledge to guide them, because the numbers are shown
on the page after they've chosen to look at it (rather than listing the
hit frequency on the front page along with the link, eg). 
Counters on each page take up space and distract viewers from the
"information" on that page (whatever that is :)

Argue with me. :)