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SEUL: Re: Linux Improvement Project (LIP)

In message <199810221529.RAA03866@opal10.f4.fhtw-berlin.de>,
s0952551@rubin.f4.fhtw-berlin.de writes:
>The LIP has opened now!
>The intension of the project is to simplify the usage, installation and
>administration of Linux. LIP is currently on the brainstorming
>and 'gathering programmers' level.
>Programmers Wanted !!! just MAIL back!
>Please check out the site. And put a link on your site with a short
>discription of the project. (I hardly need to get well known to
>gather programmers so I can start the project.)
>Stefan Heinze
>Win95 did you already reboot your system today
>Bill Gates - got your CreamCake today

I applaud your desire to make Linux more user-friendly; however,
please be aware that there are many other projects out there working
on various aspects of making Linux simpler.

Check out http://www.seul.org/what/links.html for a short list
of other projects.

If you still want to start your own project, I recommend choosing
a small subsection of the work that needs to be done, and focusing
entirely on that subset. For instance, there are several people
working right now on the installation side of things (contact
jg_yiyus@jet.es), but they could use a lot more help. You should
probably tailor your goals to the resources (programmers, in your
case?) that you have available.

In any case, if you end up with a goal and some workers, I would
be happy to set you up with a mailing list and/or ftp/web site on
the seul domain, so you can spend less time working on administrative
issues and more time actually being productive. Alternatively, you
can make use of the seul-dev mailing lists that are already set up.