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Chuck Huffman wrote:
> At 07:55 AM 10/26/98 -0500, Doug Loss wrote:
> >Nope, I'm still here and paying attention.  Here are a few idle
> >thoughts.  Rather than use <I></I> tags you should perhaps use <EM></EM>
> >so as to work on those browsers that can't do italics.
> I looked into it briefly and basically any browser that can do <EM> should
> be able to do <I>.

I'm afraid that's not quite accurate.  I'll show you a Lynx screen shot
> If you can provide more information, that would be helpful in diagnosing a
> potential problems.

Here's a combination of three screens that constitute the Lynx view of
the sample.  Although it didn't come across in the cut and paste,
everything down through the word "productively" was undrelined.  None of
the italics came across, although I know from experience that emphasized
text will be displayed as underlined or bolded or reverse video,
whatever Lynx is set to do.  For the same reason I recommend
<STRONG></STRONG> rather than <B></B>.

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     Feedback The goal of SEUL is to help Linux become an OS that the
   average home/office user can install and use productively.

   The SEUL project's aim is to help provide a viable alternative to 
   commercial PC operating systems. Our goal is to help create a
   operating environment for the average person: one that can be
   installed without a PhD, maintained without calling Tech Support, and
   used with the confidence that it will work, rather than waiting for
   the next crash.

   Erik Walthinsen is the leader of the SEUL Project, and is aided by a
   number of group leaders, listed on the development homepage. Each
   group has a mailing list, and those people subscribed to the lists
   should be doing development work.

   SEUL is looking for volunteers. We are looking for project leaders,
   organizers, writers, webmasters, and developers. Please check out our
   todo list, and mail seul@seul.org if anything there catches your eye,
   or if you want to help start any other projects.

   There are several auxilliary groups, including seul-pub, which is
   responsible for this website and other project documentation,
   seul-seg, which is a focus group of end-users, to be utilized as a
   resource when attempting to decide what is best for SEUL, and
   seul-research, which is a project to develop a thorough survey to
   determine what end-users want in an operating environment. This is a
   sentence that contains nothing useful, but is white in color. It is
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   This is a sentence that contains nothing useful, but is white in
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> >I'd also
> >validate the pages through both the W3C validator and perhaps Bobby and
> What is the W3C validator? Where and how can it be found and does it work?

Go to <http://validator.w3.org/> for an answer to all these questions.

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