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Chuck writes:

> Are we the only ones who are still in this thing?! 

I hope not. Sometimes I ask myself am I driving people away. I have a very
deep commitment to making something happen. I've looked around and I see this
as a good a place as any to do something. In looking around I see people make
a good start on something but they don't attract people and it all fizzles
out. According to what Alan Cox said you have to put something out that people
can play with. Also you need a goal and a plan of how your going to accomplish
it. We have a goal of bring Linux to the end user. For a plan I have proposed
laying out all the pieces that are required and to start filling them in. Many
of the pieces are informational. That is why I see building the web site as an
information resource will attract people especially if they can get
information in an efficient manner (a couple of clicks). Hopefully people will
be motivated to help fill in the missing pieces. If the pieces are broken down
into simple tasks most anyone can help. Anyway this is what I'm trying to
accomplish and why I see the web site effort as critical.