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SEUL: Multiple Replies

Will all of the messages, I'm getting behind... Something for everybody...

1) Text browsers (i.e. Lynx) and W3C validation

These are good topics that you bring up, Doug. We need to keep them in mind
when we go to put the live page on the site. How many Lynx visitors do you
think this will impact? I honestly didn't think people still used text only
browsers, because of graphic intensive web sites and graphical links that
are so common these days. What does the browser do when a link can only be
obtained through a graphic image?

I ran a few pages through that W3C validator... To put it bluntly, I wasn't
impressed. I think that it would be good to run pages through it if you
have a bug or something, but when it tells me that an ALT tag is REQUIRED
for an image, I start to think of other things to worry about. However, I
do believe that the ALT should be there though. Along with always
specifying the exact size of the image you are displaying. Not that I will
start giving HTML lesson now. He He He

2) New SEUL

Bob, I read you emails today and saw many good ideas in them. I put the
links you suggested into the test site that we have all been playing with.
I hope I got most of them right, but let me know what needs tweaking. I
didn't know what a 'message box' should look like, so I winged it!

I am not quite happy with the colors yet, so I put up 5 sample color
schemes on the page. I like 4 then best and then 5 after that. Keep in mind
that I can easily darken or lighten any text or background that you request
me to. Just let me know which sample and which part you wish me to tweak.
These sample only use one base color currently. I can find colors that
compliment each one later on for added variety. First we need to find a
sample to start with and stick with. Obviously, there are many more color


3) Counters

Roger, I think that counters will do more for us than the user. When I
place one on a page, it's usually at the bottom, small and out of the users
way. I just use them to track were people are hanging out at. If you have
other ways, that's cool too. Just something that we can add later on if we
want to track out visitors.

4) Latte

I went to the Latte site and looked at the HTML examples that they 'picked
on'.  The examples they gave were valid, but you rarely run into those
situations. I also can't see why I would want to learn another language
that is so incredibly similar to HTML. Now if I was telling someone about
learning to program a web page, I might recommend that they learn Latte
from scratch, instead of HTML. But for those who know HTML already, it
won't benefit. (My opinion)

5) Moving Forward

My job is picking up more steam this week, so I might be replying every
other day for a bit. Will know more as the week progresses.

I think first we need to finish deciding on the (1) color scheme, and (2)
the data layout, before we move forward on content much more. Does anyone
else agree?