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RE: SEUL: Multiple Replies

On 27-Oct-98 Chuck Huffman wrote:
> These are good topics that you bring up, Doug. We need to keep them in mind
> when we go to put the live page on the site. How many Lynx visitors do you
> think this will impact? I honestly didn't think people still used text only
> browsers, because of graphic intensive web sites and graphical links that
> are so common these days. What does the browser do when a link can only be
> obtained through a graphic image?
I use lynx quite frequently because I *hate* waiting for netscape to load AND I
love the command-line, even if X is running I rarily touch my mouse.  Most
sites are advised, if they're using imagemaps to include the options at the
bottom in <H5> type tags, at the least.  Usually something like:  
<CENTER><H5><A HREF>[home]</A><A HREF>[somewhere]</A></H5></CENTER>

Atleast.. that's what I usually do if the customer doesn't want a "real"
textual link.  The other option is to use individual images insead of a map and
putting the destination in the ALT tag.

> have a bug or something, but when it tells me that an ALT tag is REQUIRED
> for an image, I start to think of other things to worry about. However, I
It is NECESSARY for lynx other wise it just says [image].  The program you
obviously thinks that supporting text browsers is REQUIRED.  A matter of
opinion but considered polite by most *nix people.

> 3) Counters
> Roger, I think that counters will do more for us than the user. When I
> place one on a page, it's usually at the bottom, small and out of the users
> way. I just use them to track were people are hanging out at. If you have
> other ways, that's cool too. Just something that we can add later on if we
> want to track out visitors.
Logs (and the programs that parse them) do work much better..  Besides, I heard
that counters foil URLMINDER programs since the changing counter gets counted
as a change and, as such, notice get's sent to the person requesting the
minding every time the counter changes.  (or at whatever interval the minder
checks the URL)

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