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I looked at both sites and brought up your latest sample page. I was just
sitting here admiring it. I really like it. Simple but elegant. In contrast
the other sites are too noisy and distracting. I also like your color scheme.
Good choice. First, you raised a point I hadn't thought about, namely
consistancy across screens, so that visitors know that they are on one of our
pages as opposed to a link to somebody elses page. An obvious choice would be
the top line 'SEUL Simple End User Linux'. My latest thought is to have all
the home page links down the left side so that the frequent visitor who
understands the site layout can just click and go to there destination. On the
right you currently have what I'll call boxes separated by a thin blue line.
In the first one is the mission statement followed by three boxes of text. My
thought is to have five boxes. The first three the size of the mission
statement box containing respectively 'Volunteer Work Available', 'Survey
Coming Soon', and the mission statement. The last two boxes would be larger
and would contain respectively the end user links and the SEUL developer
links. What would be different between the right and left links is that the
left links would just be the plain link whereas the right link would have an
explanation of the link for a first time visitor. Concerning your question
about what I thought of the two sites mentioned, I really like the way you
have it now. One idea that could be picked up from these sites is the link
followed by a sentence or two explaining the link. This would apply to the
last two boxes. What I had in mind for now is to just put the links (all the
details are in the previous post) until we have finalized on them. Then I will
write up a sentence or two. That way I won't have to keep rewritting the
sentences if the links change. My real idea of how to go about helping bring
Linux to the end user is to provide links to the information the end user
needs. This can be a link to another site where the information already
exists, to one that we get someone else to create or to one we create
ourselves. I hope this helps and again I really like the sample.