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Re: SEUL: Multiple Replies

It has been my experience that some of the best things I've seen done were
cases where somebody started something and nobody stopped it. I would not be
overly concerned if there is limited response. Presently all one can do is
look at the proposed layout for the front page. Once there are several linked
pages and perhaps a trial survey, then there will be something people can play
with and there will be more interest. For myself as long as there is
sufficient contrast between the writting and the background so that I can read
it, I'm not too concerned about the colors. I suspect that the color scheme is
an individual preference and trying to find one that suits everybody may be
futile. Just pick one and unless someone seriously objects go with it. For
myself, my real interest is in the content. As far as the layout goes I'm only
concerned to the extent that the content is well displayed and easy for our
customers (visitors) to navigate. I hope this helps.