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Re: SEUL: Re: Educational OS project

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> I noticed your project yesterday, when I saw that you had linked to our
> Whylinux document and several people had followed that link to our site.
> I think it looks like a good project to start -- there are many other
> projects working in this area, but I think that actually implementing
> some of the user-friendly software in a demonstration environment is a
> very good way to introduce people to their alternatives.

Hey, this is neat.  I don't know if anyone has brought up something
similar, but a few months ago I partially implemented a little system
that I think is kind of neat.  It allows a single program to keep track
of a student's progress in any number of compliant educational
programs.  It also allows the teacher/parent to set a goal, and a good
addition would be to lock out the games, Web browsers, and such until
all goals are completed.

It does require making educational programs that are aware of this
program, but that's not hard - I made a simple interface.  If you want
more info or my currently implemented tarball, let me know.

It's currently written in Perl/Tk.