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SEUL: Re: Educational OS project

I noticed your project yesterday, when I saw that you had linked to our
Whylinux document and several people had followed that link to our site.

I think it looks like a good project to start -- there are many other
projects working in this area, but I think that actually implementing
some of the user-friendly software in a demonstration environment is a
very good way to introduce people to their alternatives.

While I don't have the time currently to help you in your project, I'd
like to offer the SEUL domain's resources to you if you're in need of
well-maintained well-connected systems (for majordomo, ftp, web, cvs,
etc services). If you want help making sure your press releases are
readable as well as technically accurate, let me know and we can help
with that as well. In addition, once you have a system set up, I would
be happy to look through it and assess security problems that might
cause you trouble later. (In addition to being one of the SEUL leaders,
I'm also an active member of the MIT network security team.)

As a sidenote, it would be very useful if you put some more contact
information on your webpage (http://www.edos.org/), so people know who
this "we" you keep mentioning is. :)

Let me know if I can be of assistance. I'll put a link to your project
in the SEUL links page (http://www.seul.org/what/links.html) if you want.
Do you intend to do any large-scale announcements of your project (eg
to Linux Weekly News, cola, etc), or are you waiting until you've got
more content?