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SEUL: [Fwd: My commercial port advocacy HOWTO submission]

I just got this from Tim Bynum, the submissions guy at the Linux
Documentation Project.  It looks like the CPA(m)H will probably be
accepted into the LDP.  Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, but I think it's

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Sorry for the delay, but I've been really busy at work lately with far too
many system crashes.  :(

>    Have you had a chance to look at my Commercial Port Advocacy HOWTO
> (or mini-HOWTO) submission <http://www.seul.org/pub/howto/cpah.html>? 
Yes, I've looked at the doc and don't see a problem with having it
submitted.  Hate to use the term *I*, but I think you know
what I mean.  :)

> Do you think it could be added to the LDP?  I'm willing to make changes
> as necessary if there's anything you feel is inappropriate or outside
> the standard for HOWTOs.  I'll also SGMLize it if I need to.
First off I'm not sure what to classify it as.  I'm leaning towards a
mini-HOWTO, but I'm really not sure how appropriate that is.

As for SGMLizing it, that would be of great benefit.  I always prefer docs
in sgml format as opposed to html, which is the only other format

I would like to see your document continue to grow.  I think the material
would be of benefit.

If you need any assistance with sgml'ing let me know.  For now we'll stick
with submitting it as a mini-HOWTO unless you have any ojections.

Best Regards,

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