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Re: SEUL: Re: Reorganization

> time, but in theory it could revive itself into someplace that built
> lists of pro's and con's (fair comparison documents) for gnome vs kde,
> lists of which windowmanagers are user-friendly, or even user-friendliness
> checklists, etc.

I hope that doesn't happen.  As far as I'm concerned, both are good, and
ANY end user software development is a VERY good thing, regardless of
the libraries it uses.  As someone once said on Slashdot, the worst
thing that could happen is that one of them would win!  Let each distro
maker choose for themselves.

We'd only need to do that if we were still putting out a distro, and
even then Gnome would probably be the obvious choice...

One more thing I'd like to see as far as software comparisons go...  How
about getting a bunch of M$ Office users to do extensive usability
testing on WordPerfect Office, StarOffice, Applix, and even the infant
KOffice (which I tried but failed to compile...)  Linux Journal did a
breif comparison between Applix and Star, but didn't go nearly far
enough to be useful.

> the http://www.seul.org/dev/ area is in great need of a revamp. We may
> want to revamp it enough that it goes away and there is no more
> "development side" of the website (it's all just flat, with a bunch of
> choices from the front page).

Sounds good to me.  Basically everything is development anyway!