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Re: SEUL: Re: Reorganization

In message <3610646E.EBE3BC5C@cyberis.net>, lyoder@cyberis.net writes:
>I haven't been following the seul-dev-install and ui groups, but are we
>still planning to do anything in that area?  If we're not producing a
>distro, that's a little hard.

dev-install is working on a universal installer that can be used for
any distribution. Just because seul itself isn't intending to have a
distribution doesn't mean we can't work on cool gadgets to make
distributions better. dev-ui is dead and has been cold for quite some
time, but in theory it could revive itself into someplace that built
lists of pro's and con's (fair comparison documents) for gnome vs kde,
lists of which windowmanagers are user-friendly, or even user-friendliness
checklists, etc.

The installer work in dev-install should probably be put on the todo
list too. I guess it had been longer since I updated it than I

It would be neat to combine some parts of the todo.html and the links.html
such that it was very clear which projects we're working closely with,
and sharing resources with.

>I'm glad to see we have more webmasters.  One of them can take the
>seul-dev-apps part of the website if they want (though I can also still
>change it as needed).

O yes, I forgot to mention that in my previous list of things that the
website needs help on:

the http://www.seul.org/dev/ area is in great need of a revamp. We may
want to revamp it enough that it goes away and there is no more
"development side" of the website (it's all just flat, with a bunch of
choices from the front page).

But that's not my decision anymore, hopefully. Presumably some of our new
webmasters have some sort of sense of style or ease of navigation. I have
none of that. :)

>Enough rambling for now,