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Re: SEUL: Re: Reorganization

> >currently we're doing some pretty neat things, but I don't think it's
> >catching the public's attention enough to get us many more workers.

> >I want to get people together and figure out which projects we should be
> >focusing on, how we can divide labor to get stuff done, and most importantly

> Could we get a list of all the projects that are currently being worked on or
>  that are waiting to get started (that includes my educational software one,
> I know)?  That way we can see if any can be combined or if we can close some
> if their areas of concern are being covered by other projects outside SEUL.

Yep.  There have been some very good ideas presented here recently.  We
need to know what we're doing ourselves also...and this list would be a
good start.

Are people still interested in the stock market simulator?  If so, add
it to the list and we'll see what happens.

I haven't been following the seul-dev-install and ui groups, but are we
still planning to do anything in that area?  If we're not producing a
distro, that's a little hard.

I'm glad to see we have more webmasters.  One of them can take the
seul-dev-apps part of the website if they want (though I can also still
change it as needed).

Enough rambling for now,