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Re: SEUL: Re: Reorganization

In message <199809282324.TAA19370@csrlink.net>, dloss@csrlink.net writes:
>Could we get a list of all the projects that are currently being worked on or
> that are waiting to get started (that includes my educational software one,
>I know)?  That way we can see if any can be combined or if we can close some
>if their areas of concern are being covered by other projects outside SEUL.

http://www.seul.org/what/todo.html is where I've been keeping that list
lately. It's missing http://www.usered.freeservers.edu/, but that's not
really a seul project (yet). And your commercial-port-howto is still in the
"starting" section rather than in the "current" section, and the FAQ is still
in the "stalled" section rather than the "current" section. And there are
some links in http://www.seul.org/what/links.html that are projects we're
working closely with but aren't in our todo list. But it's pretty accurate,
all in all.

>Incidentally, I think SEUL's willingness to work with and in some instances
>step aside in favor of other projects is one of the major things that
>attracted me to this group.  The last thing I want to get involved in is some
> kind of religious turf war.  Anyway, if we have the above-mentioned list of
>projects, we can then prioritize them by the interest shown in them and the
>ability of the interested people to carry them through.  And if someone sees
>a project that interests him or her that isn't being developed we should have
> some mechanism for that (or those) person(s) to step into the "development
>shepherd" role.

Well, I guess what I was thinking is that somebody browsing the page wouldn't
be looking for something specific, but would be skimming for "something that
sounds cool." So if we have a long list of cool things in 'starting' 
(presumably with pointers to projects that are currently working on them,
if applicable), then they're more likely to have their interest sparked.

I was at one point pondering a "master todo list" of all the seul-oriented
projects. I think that would be pretty handy. Given our non-territorial and
non-confrontational nature as you describe, seul might not be a bad place
for that. (But that is a ways down the road. We have our own issues to take
care of before we start taking on other peoples' issues.)