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SEUL: Re: Reorganization

>>>RD == Roger Dingledine <arma@mit.edu> wrote at Mon, 28 Sep 1998 15:41:44
-0400 (DST):

>But anyway..this is just part of a broader thread that I would like to
>start. We need to rethink how the seul project is presented to the public --

>currently we're doing some pretty neat things, but I don't think it's
>catching the public's attention enough to get us many more workers.
>I want to get people together and figure out which projects we should be
>focusing on, how we can divide labor to get stuff done, and most importantly

>how we can attract the right new people -- there are plenty of people
>looking at our website each day, and I'm sure they'd be more psyched to work

>if "their particular project" were being worked on. And either it's being
>worked on somewhere else, in which case we need to be able to know to point
>them to it, or somebody (they) should start it, here.
Could we get a list of all the projects that are currently being worked on or
 that are waiting to get started (that includes my educational software one,
I know)?  That way we can see if any can be combined or if we can close some
if their areas of concern are being covered by other projects outside SEUL.
Incidentally, I think SEUL's willingness to work with and in some instances
step aside in favor of other projects is one of the major things that
attracted me to this group.  The last thing I want to get involved in is some
 kind of religious turf war.  Anyway, if we have the above-mentioned list of
projects, we can then prioritize them by the interest shown in them and the
ability of the interested people to carry them through.  And if someone sees
a project that interests him or her that isn't being developed we should have
 some mechanism for that (or those) person(s) to step into the "development
shepherd" role.

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