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Re: SEUL: Re: Reorganization

>> Bob
> Roger
>>I didn't realize that several things that are on the home page even

>did you mean "aren't on the home page" here?

No. I meant "are".  Never noticed them. This leads to thoughts on web
page design. Avoid clutter. Keep things simple and straightforward.
The  best web site I ever saw was a small company selling controllers.
I printed out  a schematic, located a local retailler and was off within
several minutes. At the other extreme is Tom's Hardware (http://www.
tomshardware.com). One of the few good sites on hardware issues.
However it really wastes one's time. On top of that I've only seen Linux
mentioned there once.
Maintain a sharp contrast between the writting and the background.
I've seen web sites where the writting runs into the graphics and into
obscurity. I even saw one where I couldn't read a word on it. Red and
orange are borderline. I've been picking them out  more on context
than color. For the color blind, I don't know enough to make any
suggestions. For a new web home page make a prototype. To me
it seems all one needs to do is just write out the structure of what one
wants. Put in the links. Have people try it out. For example here's an
outline (I just went through a post picking out topic words) :

SEUL home page prototype (design the banner later)
About SEUL
Universal Installer
send suggestions to web master at ___

Don't waste time worrying about the layout. For the prototype keep it
as a simple outline. It'll go through many changes. Once the outline is
finalized, we'll have a working system while everything is being made
pretty for the world. If we had an outline we'd have it running tomorrow.