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SEUL: Re: Commerical port advocacy howto

Roger writes:
>I'm afraid I don't have too many comments on actually making the
>connection with the companies and convincing them to do the right
>thing. Not very many people have experience doing that, so you'll
>be lucky to find people who can say "yeah, do that, it works" or

I don't know what AOL did with the rest of it. Anyway I don't know if
this helps. Five years ago we tried selling dietary software that we
wrote. Finding that it would be difficult to sell in any normal way, we
tried something different. First try we were lucky. We got an HMO to
carry it. Next we hit the pharmacies saying an HMO is carrying it.
We got one drug chain to carry it and 56 independent drug stories
to carry it on consignment by telling them of all the previous ones
that were carrying it. It just got easier and easier. Next we tried the
big multistate grocery chains that have pharmacies in their
superstories. We got the first one considering it and tried the second
one. Fascinating, we're talking to the big regional buyer and he says
if they carry it, we carry it end of meeting. So just go right down the
line telling of everyone who is porting to Linux starting with the biggest.
Hope this helps.