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SEUL: [Fwd: banner for seul.org]

Here's what we have for logos from Collette.  The two questions about the
wording of the title for SEUL/edu, SEUL/pub, and SEUL/sci and the size of the
image for the trade show banner need discussion.   Should we go with something
like "Simple End User Linux / education" (a straight expansion), or "SEUL
education project" (more of a description), or what?  As to the banner size, I
have no experience with that--please advise.

"Collette K. McNeill" wrote:

> Good morning,
> Seul logos are on http://www.mlwebworks.com/seul in their most current
> versions.  I have some work to do on the /pub graphic.
> Attached is a title banner for seul.org. Please write if you want any
> changes to it...
> Quick question:  For SEUL/pub and SEUL/edu title gifs, what do you want
> the title to read?
> Also, please fwd any info you may have for the trade show table banner
> (size of image, acceptible format) If you wish, I can write to the
> printer directly.
> Thanks,
> Collette.
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