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SEUL: Re: Help on the seul pub website

I'm sending this to the seul-pub-www list, so they can identify a document
or other thing that you should help out with.
Thanks, guys. :)

Joe: you should subscribe to this list:
echo subscribe seul-pub-www | mail majordomo@seul.org

> I am rather new to Linux (just installed last night, although have been
> reading for a while), and would like to help out with the web site.  Since I
> am new, I would probably be best suited to maintenance, conversion, and
> proofreading.
> I have designed a couple of small web pages for people, and will soon be
> building one of my own.  I have a good grasp of basic HTML, but not so much
> on some of the style sheet type of commands.  I would be able to convert to
> the sdoc format.
> I have been working with computers since I was 11 (17 years.  Has it been
> that long?!?!)  But not any Unix variant until Linux.
> If you think you have something that I can work on, let me know.  Email me
> at jjansen@gehls.com <mailto:jjansen@gehls.com> . 
> --Joe Jansen