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SEUL: Bob's prb's

Thanks Pete, I appreciate your concern. Yesterday I put a second ethernet
card into
the 486 and tried to install Red Hat 6.1 First this computer is old, just
starting its 7th year. The 10/30/93 stickers are still on it. It's been
in heavy use all that time. Anyway
it loaded Linux into memory off the boot floppy and then said that the
drive contained the wrong floppy disk. I hit cancel and it continued the
installation process. It was happy with the pick of Adaptec 154x for the
SCSI drive. Then it complained that
there was no Red Hat CD-ROM. That was as far as I could get. Maybe the
drive is
too slow. The computer claimed the drive is a 6X, although I thought it
was only a 4X.
I suppose Linux could be installed by means of the ethernet card. Anyway
I thought I
would try to set up one of the new computers today, just to see where I
get. That's why
I built two, so that I would have one to play with. Anyway I will let you
know where I get.