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Re: SEUL: Seul-Edu front page

On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, Ian Bicking wrote:

> I was thinking about grouping these.  That is, Hardware/Networking was
> meant to imply the hardware side of networking (as opposed to how
> to use a web browser, for instance).  I don't know if this notion actually
> comes across at all, or if it just looks funny.
I didn't pick up on that, so it's not obvious to everyone (of course, I may be
a minority of one).
> Capitalizing and squishing HOW and TO together is very Linux-specific.
> Maybe it would be valuable to seperate the words ("How to:"), but a
> more generic term ("educational guides") seems too generic.  Also,
> someone using Linux should see HOWTOs as an important aspect to
> documentation.  This seems a simple way to introduce the term.
I can live with "Howto:".
> Do we want to use the term "propaganda"?  In a way it seems frank and
> open: "here is where we try to convince you."  But, it also sounds like
> "here we give you filtered facts to convince you." 
How about "arguments?"
> I used Seul-Edu for the page, but I don't know quite why.  seul-edu seems
> too casual, or computerish, or something -- it's a proper name, after 
> all.  SEUL-edu looks too off balance.  As though it's meant to imply that
> SEUL is emphasized and not edu.  SEUL/edu looks better, something about
> the slash feels like it represents the relation better.  Unfortunately,
> / is a pain to use like this.  The seul-edu list with always be seul-edu,
> regardless of the proper name of the group.  That will only cause 
> confusion.
> Seul-Edu looks too proper, like they might really be names (perhaps
> truncated) or something.  SEUL-Edu might be a bit better, more balanced.
> But even that looks weird to me.  And SEUL-EDU feels like yelling or
> something.  Maybe Seul-edu.  We don't need to capitalize SEUL -- the
> convention of capitalizing acronyms has become much more casual in the
> past few years, particularly with computers.  Nobody feels that WWW
> needs to be capitalized all the time.
I kind of like the slash, now that I think about it.  What about Seul/edu?  I
don't see how the slash is painful to use in this manner.  Actually, SEUL/edu
would do just as well for me.

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