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Re: SEUL: Seul-Edu frontpage

Remember I'm picking things up off the archives so it's not as easy to
reply. Just a couple of comments to make something good better. First I
believe in consistancy. This may come from years of going through code
making things consistant. I would start by taking a top level look at
SEUL. I see three pieces, namely education, home and SOHO. I realize
that you are focusing on education. However, tomorrow one of the others
may well pop up. Doing things in an overall consistant way now will
avoid problems down the road. Not only that but many things are common
to all three. Again I'm not fussy except about consistancy. SEUL,
SEUL/edu, SEUL/home, SEUL/SOHO, seul.org ??? Look at what you are
putting at the front on the mailing lists, etc. I think it's important
to think it all through and make it all consistant while you are at it.
Also print out the prototype SEUL/edu (or whatever it's going to be)
home page. It looks nice but one gets big black blocks using up toner
cartriges. I guess I'm sensitive because we go through several thousand
dollars in toner cartriges every year. Anyway, I will take a deeper look
and see if I can suggest any other improvements.