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Re: SEUL: simple update on seul-edu website?

Michael Viron wrote:
> Provided that someone gives me an idea as to what needs updating / or
> to be added--I'd be more than willing to do it tommorrow.

There are several simple updates to the Links worldwide page. The Open
Source Educational Software link is broken. It needs to be changed to
http://cran.seul.org/~ldoolitt. Linux For Kids could be added under
United States. The URL is http://www.linuxforkids.com.
Under Australia, I would put Canada and move Learnux there. It is
similiar to ComputerBank and that would put them together. I would word
it something like Learnux (URL http://centre.linux.ca) is a project to
put Linux and educational applications on older computers for
distribution to underprivileged students and educational organizations.

If possible I would add some recent events to the seul-edu news.