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Re: SEUL: simple update on seul-edu website?

At 09:20 AM 11/14/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>Michael Viron wrote:
>> Provided that someone gives me an idea as to what needs updating / or
>> to be added--I'd be more than willing to do it tommorrow.
>There are several simple updates to the Links worldwide page. The Open
>Source Educational Software link is broken. It needs to be changed to
>http://cran.seul.org/~ldoolitt. Linux For Kids could be added under
>United States. The URL is http://www.linuxforkids.com.
>Under Australia, I would put Canada and move Learnux there. It is
>similiar to ComputerBank and that would put them together. 
Actually, Canada is an independent country (and has its own governing
bodies)--it's not even remotely connected to Australia.


I would word
>it something like Learnux (URL http://centre.linux.ca) is a project to
>put Linux and educational applications on older computers for
>distribution to underprivileged students and educational organizations.
>If possible I would add some recent events to the seul-edu news.