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Re: Re: SEUL: Website still going on?

On Sat, 16 Oct 1999, Ian Bicking wrote:

> > > I'd be interested in sorting through all the archives and making
> > > a more useful archive -- human editted and all that. 
> seul-edu@seul.org is the main source of, well, anything on seul-edu.  I
> think that's fine and there's a lot of advantages to the more casual,
> interactive nature of a mailing list.  But the archives themselves aren't
> a great way to look through that resource.  The archives should still
> remain, of course, as a complete and persistant reference to the mailing
> list.  This would just supplement them.
> My initial idea for implementation is to take the mail -- seperated into
> individual files and in original format -- add some machine-generated
> markups (paragraphs, header parsing, and what-not), and then read over
> that all and edit the machine markups (isolating code, special formatting,
> etc.) while (more importantly) adding markup to categorize and edit them.
> The tags would be ad hoc -- like <mail category="xterminal"></mail> or
> that sort of thing.  Maybe there's well defined tags already in use --
> I don't know (?).  I'd have to think a while about what tags.  Then I'd
> use XML tools to make HTML pages out of them.
> Later, maybe it would be worth it to make dynamic web stuff for searching,
> giving specific view, etc.  I want don't want to eliminate any information
> that would make this possible, but I don't think the dynamic stuff needs
> to exist to make this useful.
This sounds like a very good idea, and also something like what Bob Hopcroft
was advocating a while ago.  If you feel like taking a turn at this, I think you
ought to have at it.  Keep us informed as to what problems you find and how we
can help lighten the load.

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