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Re: SEUL: Target for rough outline for SEUL website

Ian Bicking wrote:
> I think Roman might have been thinking of something more flashy.
> But hopefully we can find a way to make something visually
> interesting while satisfying the other issues as well.  Stylesheets
> and tables have a lot of flexibility without weighing a site down
> much at all.
Agreed.  I prefer stylesheets to tables for presentation suggestion.

> > These are good ideas.  I'd like to hear more ideas of what should be on the
> > site before we decide just what to do.  Sort of a brainstorming session, where all
> > ideas get out and are later culled and combined into something useable.
> Here's my initial list:
>   * HOWTOs for educators
>   * Case studies

These might often be the same thing.

>   * Software database
>   * Schools using Linux (database?)

Would this be another aspect of the case studies?

>   * Mailing list info
>   * Mail archives
>   * Seul-edu member bios

This could potentially get pretty large.  Should it be in the form of a
database with keywords for skills and interests for each member, thereby
allowing it to be searched for people with specific entries?

>   * Pointers and links (perhaps with the possibility for user-added links?)

How would this work?

>   * Mission statement, manifesto
>   * Linux propoganda
>   * Support page/forum/mailing list
>   * IRC info (specific channel, logs?)

Should these last two go with the mailing list stuff above?

>   * Developer info -- CVS, docbook, EduML, whatever else comes up...
>   * Computer Education news
>   * Seul-edu news
>   * Curriculum
> As to curriculum, I'm thinking of any lesson plans or activities for
> teachers on anything related to computers.  It could be a word processing
> lesson plan, not particularly attached to any specific word processor.
> We should encourage teachers to submit any materials they themselves
> make, as well as offering editting of any such materials.
I agree, so long as whatever's there applies to Linux as well as other
systems.  We shouldn't become a site for Mac and/or Windows proprietary

> I think it would be nice to offer anyone who submits stuff an
> email@seul.org mail alias as well -- it's kind of a way to bring them
> into seul and create some potential permanance, while being relatively
> easy to do.  Or it could be some web space, or something... anyway,
> something to offer.  This isn't the same as free email... if it's free
> people won't value it ;-)  But if it requires some sort of participation
> it actually means something.  Plus it puts the seul.org name out there.
This is something Roger has to rule on.  It could potentially use quite
a bit of system resources.

> I'd like seul-edu to give opportunity to anyone who wants to share
> something (well, anything at least a little educationally-minded).  I
> think that's what SEUL on the whole is at this point.  Allowing this
> on a smaller scale would make it even more inclusive.

> I'd like also to consider how to help new Linux users to become more a
> part of the community.  In part, this is just having some good links,
> a mailing list, etc.  Both as something to explore further, and by
> having a little of the Linux Community right here (it's hardly like
> there's a linuxcommunity.org for them to visit -- this is it).  Then
> there's notions like netiquette, which is much more developed among
> the net-addicted Linux users than the average teacher.  I'm sure
> there's other things -- I think approaching this explicitly would be
> helpful.
So that would be the, "Not Being a Clueless Newbie HOWTO" for educators?

Slightly different topic.  Michael Viron, here's an offer for you to
take over the development and oversight of the seul-edu website.  Not
dictatorially, of course, but we're generally fairly easygoing.  We just
need someone to sue^H^H^Hblame^H^H^H^H^Hcredit when we get a new,
innovative design.

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