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Re: SEUL: Target for rough outline for SEUL website

>Slightly different topic.  Michael Viron, here's an offer for you to
>take over the development and oversight of the seul-edu website.  Not
>dictatorially, of course, but we're generally fairly easygoing.  We just
>need someone to sue^H^H^Hblame^H^H^H^H^Hcredit when we get a new,
>innovative design.
That's fine--I generally tend to let the developers under me do "what they
have to do" in order to get a site finished.  Once in a while, I interject
comments, or might make a suggestion.
That way, I have enough time to pursue my studies and whatever other
responsibilities are closer to home.

By the way, do I get a seul.org account?



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