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SEUL: seul-edu website redesign status

I haven't heard anything from anyone for a while about this.  Michael,
are you doing anything on this over private channels?  Odile, are you
having any success or problems with the projects updates?  Bob, what's
the status of the software database, and should we expect interim
updates to the software page or wait till the database is ready?  Ian,
are you working on compiling the revealed knowledge of seul-edu (from
various mailing list threads) into topic pages?  If none of these things
are happening, let's talk about them and see what's needed to get
something accomplished!  I'm willing to help on any of these as I can,
although I have an IP-Masq, ipchains, and Netatalk installation planned
and an update to the Commercial Port Advocacy mini-HOWTO waiting for my

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