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Re: SEUL: New WEB face lift and SSH

Since no one seems to have much to say, here goes more of my
thoughts. First some problems I see with the current design of the
web home page. Wasted real estate. Most of whats there could be
placed under the heading "About SEUL". The clickable items (FAQ,
etc.) need to be much bigger. We need to make a list of clickable
items and put them on seul-pub to find out what people think. We
need to build a prototype and have people try it out. Somewhere
I've seen a really nice web site where the home page is mostly
clickable buttons. I wish I could find it, so that I could put out the
URL. Earlier I said not to send people to the "to do" list. Now I'm
convinced  that's right. I previously hesitated because I could think
of a number of sites that do. However those sites are narrowly
focused  on a single topic. SEUL on the other hand is spread over
a number of topics making the "to do" list large and somewhat
disjointed.  Hope to get some comments. Ask me some questions.