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Re: SEUL: draft survey: v.0.001, just some thoughts

A thought just struck me. Perhaps you could put the survey on a web site.
Do it as soon as possible. At first publisize it through Linux groups or
whatever. Let people wander in and take it. You will get duplicates but so
what or filter them out somehow. Keep improving the survey and encouraging
people to keep taking it. It now becomes a continuing thing. Surfers will
periodically go there and take it. My concern is that this survey is an end in
itself rather than a means to an end. Set up channels to developers and
whomever and start funneling the data. At first it won't be the greatest but
will improve and most importantly it will get there NOW. I believe the window
of opportunity for Linux is small (now till 2000). Why? During this period
technology is changing very very rapidly. After 2000 it starts to settle down
and consolodate. Hardware will be all new 64bit Merced, Alpha, PPC. There
will be merging of TV and computers, ADSL and whatever etc. Windows98
will migrate to Windows NT and the game is over unless Linux gets it
together. If it ends up Windows NT 90% of the market and the rest 10% its
just time till its over. Berlin/Warsaw is scheduled to arrive, GNOME should
be done and if everything else was in place Linux might just make it.