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SEUL: draft survey: v.0.003, suggestions and thoughts

  I added a few suggestions and thoughts.

>APPLICATIONS: This part of the survey deals with the functionality you 
>use on a daily basis to get your job done. 

>  [Work / Productivity Applications] 
>[1998 20:56:27), but I believe I still have the spirit of the thing - 
>Pete >] 

>  Which of the following work or productivity tasks do you use your 
>computer for? 
>   1.1  Cad-design
>   1.2. Database 
>   1.3. Scientific calculations 
>   1.4. Wordprocessing 

            Speech recognition
             Point of Sales (POS) system
>   1.5. Programming 
>   1.6. Study computing 
>   1.7. Communication using the net 
>   1.8. Building a network 
>   1.9. Teaching computing 
>   1.10. Study languages 
>   ... 
>   More categories to be added by the people first surveyed. 

>  [Hobby, entertainment] 

>   2.1. Playing games 
>   2.2. Creating new linux-programs 
>   2.3. Planning SEUL-surveys using the net 
>   ... 
>   2.4. Surfing the web 
>   2.5. Sending email to friends and relatives 

     Viewing TV (video capture)
     Home automation (I see it showing up more and more)
     Data collection (I want to set up a home weather station)  

>  [Word Processors] 
>    Experience with ss's, which ones used, how long 
>    Uses: Which of these are important / not important 
>      Writing simple letters 
>      Writing large reports 
>      Combining graphics and text 

        Combining text/graphics with audio/video
        (Not sure it goes here but it should go somewhere)
        Web page design

>      Being able to preview a document before printing it 
>      Being able to graphically 'see' your document as you edit it 
>("What You See Is What You Get")

 You might want to have a write in question on the survey like
 "Is there anything unusual that you use your computer for".
 The answers would not be used for survey data but simply
 collected for someone to peruse to see if there is an issue that
 should be assressed. Just a way to get still more out of the survey.

 Another thought if you put the survey on the internet you could
 have questions to any level you wish but only show the survey
 taker questions that are relevant. Jazz everything up penguins
 whatever turn it into a game and call it The Linux Survey Game.
 I had been wondering how you were going to accomplish the
 goals you had for the survey but you can do anything you want
 by adjusting the questions based on the survey answers. Maybe
 even get soom LUST data.