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Re: SEUL: draft survey: v.0.003, suggestions and thoughts

Still thinking about the basic organization of the question list... 

It just occured to me that we seem to need to get two viewpoints to meet: 

1) technical developer's viewpoint: what a computer can do. (These things
are often being written using quite technical language). 

2) user's viewpoint: what people are doing with a computer. (These things
are often being written by using quite non-technical language).   

Somehow we needed to write survey that way that an user feels home with
it. It might start with basic categorizing questions, what kind of 
uses an user uses a computer for. 

One problem with the survey is that it canot be too big or long (no-one 
wants to read or go through a long survey) and on the other
hand it should be able to gather information from very different users.
That's why I was thinking that somehow it might be possible to start it
that way, that some kind of users might be saved of reading through some
parts of it and some of other parts of it. For eample it is important to
gather quite specific information from wordprocessor-users, if they really
insist WYSIWYG processors or not and if they want their processors being
able to read all the formats of the processors and so on... but people who
never use wordprocessors at all could be saved of reading through these
questions totally.     

So a clever typology of tasks is important. Technically for example
html-language hypertext will do the job, if the keywords are cleverly
planned so that a reader of the survey can understand what is behind each