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Re: laptop/edu-users

> Date:          Thu, 16 Jul 1998 23:59:34 +0300 (EET DST)
> From:          virtanen <hvirtane@cc.jyu.fi>
> If we could make it that way... that in the end of survey each one
> who took it would get an advice, which kind of linux-setup she/he would
> load on her/his machine from seul-website it could be a success? I mean
> that included in this planning of user-types there might be
> planned and ready-made distributions for each main user-types.

Three points on this whole "offer something in return" issue:
1. ease of creation
2. ease of use
3. ease of maintenance

Obviously, creating individual advice replies for each survey taker 
goes against all three points. Creating generic advice replies based 
on user profiles works in all three points, but has the drawback of 
being advice that is A) too far above the comp literacy of that 
particular respondant; or B) too far below the comp literacy of that  
particular respondant. By necc., it'll be "canned" advice and will 
have that flavor. Unappealing, at best.

Not that I have a great solution in mind, but here's food for 
thought, if we really intend to do this: how about something short 
and sweet, like a newsletter by e-mail? They could be asked at the 
end of the survey if they want to subscribe to a "cutting edge 
newsletter filled with information to make your computing life 
easier/more fun/more productive!" etc.  It could mostly be a 
newsletter of links pertaining to interests of that user profile, and 
need only come out say, once a month or something. It kind of goes 
against points 1 and 3 -- but hey, it's been a long day and  this 
is just an idea!