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Re: laptop/edu-users

hvirtane @cc.jyu.fi writes:
>I agree with Karsten, that laptops are an important issue for the reasons
>he pointed out.

Ok, I'll back down again on the laptop issue. I'm not yet convinced, but
hopefully the list of questions you guys come up with will convince me. :)

>It really might be a succes story, if someone made a specific really simple
>and fast linux distribution for laptop users? 

This is a neat idea, but it isn't for us to work on yet. :) It's likely that
one of the standard distributions will work nicely on a laptop as well.

>The best thing might be to give people some kind of new knowledge
>while taking the survey. I'm on the line with Roger. Not exactly giving
>advice, but new knowledge... somehow the survey could educate people about
>computers, for example giving them free information collected by various
>linux-projects so far and seul-project especially... Somehow the survey

I would have difficulty telling the difference between that and
advertising. :)

Another thought I had was looking at their answers and giving them a good
guess as to whether Linux was suitable for their needs yet, or if they
should stick with their current OS. This might be slightly simpler and
more robust than trying to give them OS advice.

I think it will probably end up that we will offer them a lot of cool
statistics about previous survey-takers, and that will be that. But it's
still a nice think to consider.