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demographics draft

Most of the questions I've introduced need rewording because I haven't
considered wording, but I think this is a good start. Comments and
additions very much wanted. It would be especially nice if somebody
would sort out the list of professions that we're going to use, because
I have no idea what I'm doing there.

Pete's mail was bouncing for a while. You back alive now, Pete?

>Three sections:
>Part A: About you
>Part B: Your Computer Experience
>Part C: Your System Info
>[< User info will also include name, email address (contact info), age, profession, income (?) >] 
>What do you do? 
>How much do you make? 
>What part do you play in purchasing decisions? 
>What sector do you work in? [< List sectors >] 
Country (can we get this from IP, at least to guess the default? Oo...)
Is your house/dwelling urban/rural?

there are plenty more here we've left out so far

> Part B: Your Computer Experience 

My primary (most familiar, most frequently used) OS is _____. [choose one]

>Which of the following have you used, and for how long? 

How does this work? I have used win31 since it came out, and I still know
how to use it and I use it on other machines every few months. But I only
used it as my primary OS at work one summer long ago, and even then I still
had linux on my machine at home...So I guess I'm asking, when does this time
start counting? First exposure, constant use? does it ever stop counting?

>                  < 6 mos, 6 mos < 1 yr, 1 yr < 5 yr, 5 yr < 10 yr, 10 yr + 
>Windows 3.1/3.11 
>Windows 95 
>Windows NT 
>System 7 (Mac) 
>System 8 (Mac) 

merge the above two? does anybody here know the difference between them?



>Other Unix 
>[Your System Info] 

Some questions in this section will be different depending on the user-type
answering the questions (home or large business)

Home: How many computers does your household have? 0 1 2 3 4 5+
Business: How many computers do you personally have? 0 1 2 3 4 5+
Home: How many people use it/them? 

[urg. this pronoun thing is going to get obnoxious]

Is it technically sufficient? (Fast enough, enough drive space, etc)
Is it peoply sufficient? (would it be nice if you had another so more people
can work at the same time?)

> - do multiple people use this system?  At same time/ w/o logging out? 
> - do you have a computer network? (Opens option for NCs or terminals) 


> - is user privacy important (one user can't read another's stuff) 
> - is user security important (one user can't change another's 
>      files/settings) 

these two questions are moot, they're in the later section

> - do you have access to tech support/skilled users 
> - current eval of tech support issues 

Usefulness of tech support: useless [] [] [] [] very useful   [] not available
Usefulness of skilled users: (same scale)