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Pete is alive and mostly well / IP as token

Hi all,

> Pete's mail was bouncing for a while. You back alive now, Pete?
     Yup. Appologies for the delay in getting back to the list, I guess
the bouncing just finished after I left for Toronto (on the lighter
side, I can tell you that American Power Conversions is working on linux
support for their Smart-Ups UPS ... dunno when it'll be available,
though) Friday night.
     Been thinking about the use of the IP as the user token. On one
hand, it would make a simple way to track the user. That said, in our
situation in the lab, upwards of 40 people use our boxes to play on the
internet. I'm not sure if this would be a possible obfuscating factor
for the survey, but I do think it's something that we should be aware

     System 7 vs. System 8: This should probably be System 7 vs System
7.5 vs System 8. This would give us a better idea of how 'recent' the
Mac user is (not unlike the Dos / Win 3.x / Win 4.x). The possible
problem here is that the user may or may not know what version of the
MacOS is being used.

     BTW, I might be a little slow getting the page updated over the
next few days, owing to an injury (urg!), but I will be updating the
survey shortly to reflect recent developments. Thanks for your patience.



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