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Re: Initial survey info

Thoughts that escaped the last time

- Fundamental problem of surveys:  they're reactive, not predictive. 
They tell you what a person thinks they know or want, not what they
never thought they needed.  We're approaching a world which has never
seen a command line, believes an application error is solved by
rebooting, and thinks that "personal computer" means only one person can
use it at a time.  

- What are the goals of SEUL?  Is it to produce a new distribution of
Linux, or to improve packaging & admin in a general sort of a way?

Red Hat started (I'ver read) based on one of the founders looking for a
better way to manage his Linux box & developing RPM.  

I see 
 - package manaagement, 
 - system admin (users, sys logs, disk space, backups, networking), 
 - multiuser login support (an XDM login screen on a hotkey switch would
be cool),     - and basic desktop issues, 

as the fundamental issues for users.  I see application support as
something which will come with time, and as being outside the influence
of any single group.

I don't think we're going to solve the desktop or package mgt wars right
now, though we might be able to provide some input (which will probably
be ignored).  OTHOH, figuring out how to configure (and allow
configurability) of Linux for the typical SOHO/home user would be a
major bonus, and probably a doable task.

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