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Re: Initial survey info

On Sat, 13 Jun 1998, Roger Dingledine wrote:

> hvirtane@cc.jyu.fi
>   A volunteer who wants to help write the survey. (Elaboration? :)

hvirtane is a researcher. He has been doing research concerning education
since many years. He has been researching buddhism during many years as
well, because of that he needs sometimes to write sanskrit, chinese and
japanese besides this mixture of swedish and celtic (, which isn't a 
language at all...) and of course finnish. He studied long time ago
mathematics, too, and lost belief on quantities because of that. 

In the field of education hvirtane is a supporter of activity theory. This 
theory considers human being to be a part of an activity system, which 
consists basically of an acting subject, her tools and the goal of 
the activity. A computer is a tool as well and some people are 
trying to use it to make some of their goals possible. 

hvirtane has used during the years many kinds of computers including 
Macs, CP/M Nokia micros, Nec Japanese wordprocessing-machines, 
microsoft-infected ibm-clones and a linux-infected one.  

hvirtane has never studied computer-programming, but mathematics (MS), 
philosophy, physics, anthropology, folkloristics, art history, 
education, japanese, chinese and sanskrit besides buddhism. 
So he can understand something about various things. 

hvirtane thinks that linux is great and important exactly because of 
free code. So you can always find someone to develop and fix it.   

SEUL is an important project, because an easy to install, small and 
simple end-user's linux is still missing. In my opinion S.u.S.E. 
is nearer that goal than RH. It has already got ready made 
installation packages among which you can choose the 
needed properties and applications. But even that  
is still too difficult to install. In my opinion
the real problem is the installation. There 
is already a working kernel and working 
applications for many kinds of jobs. 
Maybe we needed most knowledge on 
the installation skills of the 
targeted people?

Maybe we needed to create first a simple installation packet, which 
would install with very few questions and choices? That could 
perhaps include the questions, what kind of applications 
the end-users wanted/needed included/supplied? 
The survey could be made by distributing 
a free and easy installation-packet?
(Which includes the e-mail address
to send the opinions?)