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Re: Initial survey discussions - organization

Pete St. Onge wrote:
> I've been quite intrigued by a lot of the discussion we've already had
> in the last week or so. The idea of 'watching' a user use linux is
> quite  an interesting one, and would likely be a good way of getting at
> the functionality of the OS, particularly for the kernel developers.

I like the idea.  Ok, so it was mine.  I just dug up this from Even
Liebovitch's (evan@xunil.com) "The four phases of Linux acceptance: an
approach to Linux advocacy"

> Microsoft, in getting its feet wet in Phase 4, claims that the 
> opensource software model lacks a marketing component which 
> allows other companies (like Microsoft) to incorporate user 
> needs (rather than developer needs) into products. While the 
> situation is not as bad as MS claims, they're not totally wrong; 
> the community cannot ignore, shout down or ridicule those in our 
> midst who are knowledgeable, yet skeptical or even aggressively 
> critical.

It'd be sort of fun to say, oh, bye the way, we're working on that ;-)

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