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Core/Layers & survey length

WRT Core/Layers, the link below shows the Unix '98 requirements for Unix
WS and Server.  This has bearing on my earlier post.

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> In message <3582A980.35952460@iname.com>, pete_st_onge@iname.com writes:

> Or we could divide it up like this. I think Karsten has a very good
> point though about putting every question we want them to answer on the
> same page: if they can't see the whole length of it up-front, they'll
> get bored after a while and quit partway through. This is poor.

If you're interested in getting feedback on multiple apps, some sort of
subscription deal -- first screen is user info, user then gets a
password (ick) or cookie (double ick -- mine are disable by default and
deleted often), and can link to one or more of the topical surveys.

The more I think about the kind of info y'all are looking to get, I feel
something other than surveys is going to make more sense.  I'll repeat
my previous question:  what exactly is SEUL going to be.

BTW, internic whois says you're up in Portland, Ore.  How much of the
group is there?  I'm in San Francisco.
> --Roger

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