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Re: Core/Layers & survey length

In message <35837469.38A166ED@ix.netcom.com>, kmself@ix.netcom.com writes:
>WRT Core/Layers, the link below shows the Unix '98 requirements for Unix
>WS and Server.  This has bearing on my earlier post.

I forwarded this to Omega. He's the one working on Core/Layers. For
now, it's 'not my problem', since he's dealing. :}
(Actually, he's on this list, but currently he's viewing the survey
as 'not his problem', for similar reasons. :)

>Roger Dingledine wrote:
>> In message <3582A980.35952460@iname.com>, pete_st_onge@iname.com writes:
>> Or we could divide it up like this. I think Karsten has a very good
>> point though about putting every question we want them to answer on the
>> same page: if they can't see the whole length of it up-front, they'll
>> get bored after a while and quit partway through. This is poor.
>If you're interested in getting feedback on multiple apps, some sort of
>subscription deal -- first screen is user info, user then gets a
>password (ick) or cookie (double ick -- mine are disable by default and
>deleted often), and can link to one or more of the topical surveys.

Yes, I think that cookies suck. I'd like to avoid them if possible,
at the least so we can be as unobtrusive (polite) as possible to the
people kind enough to fill out our survey.

>The more I think about the kind of info y'all are looking to get, I feel
>something other than surveys is going to make more sense.  I'll repeat
>my previous question:  what exactly is SEUL going to be.

I finally wrote that up and mailed it out this evening. Let me know if
it left anything out.

>BTW, internic whois says you're up in Portland, Ore.  How much of the
>group is there?  I'm in San Francisco.

Omega is in Portland. I'm at MIT (cambrige, ma).

Btw, I've set up the archives for this list:

And also btw, I heard back from eilers@rmi.de, the guy who is doing
other (qualitative) linux surveys. He has given me his data, but he's
uninterested in joining the list. (I'll fwd his mail shortly.)