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Re: Initial survey discussions - organization

Roger Dingledine wrote:

> Or we could divide it up like this. I think Karsten has a very good
> point though about putting every question we want them to answer on the
> same page: if they can't see the whole length of it up-front, they'll
> get bored after a while and quit partway through. This is poor.
> I'm thinking a "or skip this section" thing to click on that brings
> you to a different section of the page would be a simple way to solve it.
> (Or do we lose the data in browser widgets if they click on a new link
> without submitting? I guess we could kludge around that with a simple
> cgi to "forward" their answers to the new version of the page, but
> ick.) I know a huge amount about perl programming, but I haven't used
> it for cgi for a long time.

Hey, guys... can I suggest we lay off how to display the web page until there's
actually a survey to display? Too often groups of linux techies get distracted
by technical detail...


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