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Suggestions for links

Greetings all, from your friendly neighbourhood webmaster.

I'm trying to put together a page of links to stuff relevant to seul.
I'd like contributions from the groups.

If anyone has an idea, send me an email with the URL, the name of the
site, and a brief description. Thanks.

Make sure it is a personal email as (a) I'm not subbed to half of the
groups this message is to (b) people might not appreciate replies being
If anybody's upset at my cross-posting to groups I'm not in, my
justification is that I'm hoping to get the people who are doing
something rather than start another flamewar on -project.


-Simon Waldman


Simon Waldman            email:  swaldman@bigfoot.com
Surrey, England.                 swaldman@seul.org
SEUL : Simple End-User Linux     http://www.seul.org
"We're sending 23 million leaflets to every household in Britain".
                -Norman Fowler, British Health Secretary, 1986.