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Re: SEUL: draft survey: v.0.001

In message <adaff9d7.35984a58@aol.com>, eamorical@aol.com writes:
>I have been watching the SEUL site since January waiting for a distribution to
>materialize. I just learned things have changed. I proceeded to read through
>the survey threads and found several very interesting. After thinking about
>it, trying to write one myself and doing a mental survey (I mentally surveyed
>my immediate neighbors, relatives and friends) I returned to this site and
>discovered hvirtane's
>communication. I felt perhaps, I should make myself visable. If you wish to
>survey me feel free to do so. I decided not to say more about myself in case
>you want to
>check your survey conclusions against reality.
>Bob Hopcroft
Thanks for your offer. I think, though, that what we need most is more
people to help brainstorm on how the survey should actually work. I have
many dozen people on the various seul lists willing to take our initial
survey, and from there we can make a second draft before displaying it to
the public.

That said...perhaps the most important thing we need right now is more
ideas on "what end-users want in an OS". There are a couple lists floating
around, but they are by no means complete. Our current project should be to
flesh them out enough that we can base a good survey on them.

I've been busy with other stuff recently, but I will make an effort to put
some attention to the seul-research list this evening.

I invite you to subscribe to the seul-research list (as well as other
seul lists, eg seul-announce) so you can be kept up-to-date on things.