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Short comments on 0x020

In looking through the software section this question jumped out at me:

- Do you think you would use more powerful software than what you
 use now if it were available? 

When would anyone say "no" to that question?  How about something on the
order of, "How satisfied are you with the programs currently available
in each category?"

As to picking a few questions about features of various program types,
how do you determine which features to ask about?  I'm not sure how I'd
ask these questions.  It seems to me that the questions asked will of
necessity lead the surveyee in the direction that the surveyor had in
mind (whether consciously or not).  How about listing all the features
we can think of for the various categories and asking the surveyee to
check off all that he or she thinks are important?

However we decide to structure this, when we _do_ decide I'll try to
write up some educational software questions.

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