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Re: Doc update, 0x020 update summary

The thought struck me that perhaps we should put the software section
on seul-pub to see if we could get more ideas. Anyway I've added to
the software part and listed a few features. On a lot of the software, it's
hard to list features, since I've never used the software, althought there
is a lot I'd like to, like video editing. I will be thinking about it and
around. Anyway here's what I've come up with so far.

   - Office productivity
          - Word processing
                  What about web editing (HTML editing). I don't know where
                  I saw this but noted it: "Soon you will see all the major
                  software suites standardizing on HTML (and an extension
                  called XML) for documents. Also speech is getting more and
                  more integrated with word processing.
          - Desktop publishing
          - Audio/Video editing (tools)
          - Spreadsheets
          - Databases
          - Scheduling
   - Financial
          - Banking (checking, online banking)
          - Accounting (accounts receivable/payable, inventory, payroll)
          - POS (point of sale)
          - Stock market analysis/simulator
   - Internet
          - Email
                   speech input: I can't even log on to AOL without being hit
                   with an advertisement asking if I would like to talk to my
          - Web browsing
          - e-commerce
   - Software development
          - compilers
   - Engineering
                  Features one would want inculded:
                  support for graphics display
                  output for numerically controlled machines
                  output for plotting devices
                  of course standard data formats
          - CAD
          - Analysis (structural, vibration, earthquake)
   - Server
          - mail
          - wed
          - print
          - file
          - data mining
          - telephony
   - Speciality
          - music (midi)
          - photo
          - film
   - Educational
          - vocabulary (pronunciation)
          - dictionary
          - encycopedia
          - atlas
          - how things work
          - reading/writting/arithmetic
          - math/science
          - history/geography
   - Games
   - Audio/Video processing (media streaming technology)

  - Which one of the above would you say you use most often?
  - Choose all of the above that you use on a regular basis
  - Do you think you would use more powerful software than what you use
  now if it were available?

  How important are the following word processing features to your work:
      - ability to read other word processing formats
      - settings tabs easily
      - spell checking
      - using many different typefaces and font sizes
      - mail merge
      - WYSIWYG
      - macros
  How important are the following desktop publishing features to your
      - ability to read other desktop publishing formats
      - importing images
      - using many different typefaces and font sizes
      - WYSIWYG
  How important are the following spreadsheet features to your work:
      - ability to read other spreadsheet formats
      - linking a formula to other cells (relative addressing)
      - locking a formula to the contents of specific cells (absolute
  addressing, ie. $E$5)
      - having a formula bar to troubleshoot complicated formulas
      - predefined formulas (statistical, financial, or mathematical)
      - WYSIWYG
      - macros
  How important are the following database features to your work:
      - Query by example (QBE) grid for creating queries
      - data import macros
      - WYSIWYG
      - being able to write SQL queries easily
      - data export macros