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[seul-sci] Re: Wish List: TK Solver clone

Charles Hethcoat wrote:
> I have used TK Solver for years.  I find it consistently one of the most
> useful packages available.  I can throw 40 or 50 equations at it in an
> hour or so, and then be solving and backsolving them in every
> conceivable direction.  As a design tool, it's indispensable.
> I have looked for a TK Solver clone in the open-source world for some
> time, but haven't found one yet.  I am about to conclude that a project
> should be kicked off to develop one.  What say?  I can contribute code
> at some level, but I don't really understand HOW TK Solver is written
> internally.  Someone out there should have the necessary know-how to
> write the needed computational kernel.
> Charles Hethcoat

Offhand, I can think of two programs that might be relevant: Scilab and
Octave. I mention both of them on the links page and in recent Linux in
Science reports, and from what I've done and read from others, both packages
should be able to solve.

That said, if there is still room for a good solver app, I'm game. :)

Hope this helps,


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