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Re: [seul-sci] sci linux

Sorry to be so brief - I've been called away suddenly due to family matters,
and I'm literally almost out the door.

"T. Rashid" wrote:
> but take BNFL - (despite bad press!) - i set up a linux server with them
> (aside from summer job) - and even though their SUN network was fine -
> linux was better! + easier - same tools but better - and of course more
> software! was inundated with account requests.
    Were users sitting at the console, or were they accessing the machine

> plus - check this - redhat 6.0 on a pentium 90 with 32mb ram - ran long
> and hard simulation (f77) almost as fast as a sun4! (6/5 the time)
> not bad!

What sort of sims were being run? Heh, imagine what would have happened if
you had more recent hardware :)



Pete St. Onge